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    We hope you enjoy your stay

    Ex Hotel is the establishment of Gabriel Hope, proprietor and concierge. As conceptual accommodation, the hotel becomes the imagined setting for functional design objects and furniture, and offers itself as housing for ideas to inhabit. These ideas play the part of guests, taking up residence until they become form. Some are weekend affairs, others never leave, and few stay for only a drink. The finished pieces from the hotel have about them an air of understated luxury, a nostalgia for travel and its attendant pleasures. Produced in limited edition, Ex Hotel’s collections pair refined elegance and utility towards considered interiors.

    To commission a piece of furniture please contact

    Ex Hotel produces a small collection of furniture that is made to order. If you would like to order something and some more info on these items please contact the front desk.

    House Rules

    Buying an item from Ex Hotel is buying a quality item. It is an item made to last. You’re buying a small piece of the Ex Hotel and taking it home with you – a souvenir from a fondly remembered holiday.
    You’re buying something made with an attention to detail not found in many other places. You’re buying the familiarity and comfort of a hand-finished item made accurately and with care.

    The intention is to produce items that will sustain use for at least as long as the replenishment of the material used takes to regrow in nature – a table whose wood took twenty years to grow, should afford its owner twenty years of dinners, suppers, lunches and laughs.

    Enjoy your stay.

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