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    Ex hotel X Green Brother Custom Kitchen

    Ex Hotel and Green Brother present a recent kitchen design for Karoo Modern.
    A collaborative effort from two designs studios, one focused on wood, the other steel-orientated. An unusual custom kitchen born out of a love for making things well out of straightforward materials.

    Rendered in oak and stainless steel with brass and reeded glass details, the kitchen pulls an old Karoo town into the recent future but keeping An acknowledgment of the past with eyes on the future.

    Images by Paris Brummer

    Ash Stools – Leo’s Wine Bar & Max Bagels

    Max Bagels & Leo’s Wine Bar: A bagel shop by day, a wine bar by night, squeezed into a tiny space on Bree Street in Cape Town.
    Renewal of the stools in solid American ash. In a such a small space details are very visible and important so the spline and groove joinery on the stool tops was left exposed.


    Images by Gabriel Mworia

    The Leopard Shopfitting

    The Leopard: a deli in Johannesburg with a playful sense of humour and a focus on good, ethical food.
    Counter, built-in seating and shelving for dry goods and wine all produced in birch plywood and sky-blue pegboard.
    Images by Repro Pics

    Print Drawer Cabinets, Stevenson Gallery

    A set of two print cabinets to house a portion of the Stevenson Gallery’s photographic archive. The cabinets were built to provide a comfortable working surface when pushed back-to-back that could be used to view and pack artworks.

    Birch plywood, Siberian larch and steel.


    Images by Mario Todeschini

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